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Athletic Awards
Athletic Awards

Mount Carmel Academy student athletes were honored at the Athletic Awards Ceremony on May 17.

The Coaches' Award is given to a player whose spirit and effort are seldom lacking, who is supportive of her teammates, and sets an example of hard work and dedication. Coaches Award recipients are Hope Hoffman, Gabriella DePascual, Madison Ciaccio, Sierra Grass, Katherine DeHoog, Cameron Howard, Sara Strassel, Alaina Tague, Sissel Erickson, Virginia Theriot, Hayley Templet, Madi Camp, Sarah Duhe, Haley Sumich, Kayla Sweeney, Gillian Aguilera, Jordan White, Taylor Laforge, Reagan Krupp, Jordyn Perkins, Jordan Berry, Olivia Maher, Jenna Wehner, Angele Daigrepont, and Hailey Roberts.

The Most Valuable Player Award is given to the athlete who consistently contributes to her team's success, who performs at the highest level of competition, and whose presence inspires her teammates to elevate their level of play. The MVPs are Miranda Strassel, Taylor Garcia, Julia Wetta, Kyler Fisk, Shelby Wickersham, Molly Monteleone, Kassidy Brown, Lauren Bodino, Holly Schiler, Bailey D'Aunoy, and Hope Shales.

The Outstanding Member award is given to a player who contributes to team success by her practice efforts, her consistent good sportsmanship, and her unwavering support of her teammates. The Outstanding Members for the spring semester are Kristen Charbonnet, Alaina Tague, Kate Heidingsfelder, Alexis Jones, Caleigh Foto, Mia Paternostro, Rebecca Quick, Ashleigh Gallagher, Ava Maraldo, Alli Zoglio, Addison Grundmeyer, Elizabeth Davis, Kaitlyn Freese, Katie Brennan, Margaret Manshel, Madelyn Pinero, and Lauren Tague. Not pictured: Amelia Troutman, Ali Christoffersen, Nina Fenasci, Abigail Baroni, and Rileigh Norman.

The Outstanding Athlete Award is presented to a varsity athlete who has displayed outstanding athletic ability while serving as an inspiration to her teammates and a model of good sportsmanship. The 2016-2017 recipients are Taylor Garcia, Shelby Wickersham, and Kristen Charbonnet.

The Ruth McDonald Award is presented to a senior who has displayed all around athleticism through her participation in multiple sports. The 2016-2017 recipient is Hope Hoffman.

The Christian Cub Award is awarded to a senior who has excelled in academics, while earning the respect of her opponents by displaying the personal integrity and values of a young Christian woman. The 2016-2017 recipient is Kelli Kampen.

The Carmel Champion Award is presented to an individual who has placed first in a state championship meet. The 2016-2017 recipient is Taylor Garcia.