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Juniors receive pins
Juniors receive pins
Class of 2013 celebrates Junior Pin Mass

Juniors Take Off
By Caitlin Demarest (Class of 2013)

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the  Ragdolls of 2013 attended their Junior Pin Mass. Junior Gabrielle Dupuy said that she was “really excited because [the juniors] are now officially upper classmen of MCA.”

While the junior pin is significant to the Class of we are expected to be more responsible and mature. It reminds us that even though we are juniors, we still have a lot of growing to do before we become seniors.”

The ceremony commenced at six o’clock in the evening and was attended by the junior class and their families. Mass began with the procession of the entire eleventh grade class and an address from the Junior Class President, Savannah Stonebreaker. The symbols of the Ragdoll class were then presented, and the mass began with Fr. Michael O’Rourke presiding. The theme of the mass was sisterhood; this theme was prominent in the readings and songs of the mass.

After mass, the long sought after pins were blessed and distributed. This incredibly important pin, “marks where [the juniors] are in the Carmel family,” says Junior Class Moderator Mrs. Aimée Gerrets. The ceremony ended with an address from Sister Camille Anne. The juniors then processed out to the gazebo, where they chanted their class cheer.

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