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Foreign Language Festival
Foreign Language Festival

Mount Carmel Academy was named the "Best Overall School in French," the "Best Overall School in Spanish" and the "Best Overall School" for the eleventh consecutive year at the Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University on April 13. Students from across the state gathered at the festival to compete in extemporaneous speaking, prose, poetry, music, theatre, and native speaker translation in both French and Spanish.

2018 Results:
"Best Overall School"

"Best Overall School in French"

French I:
Poetry - 1st Place - Julia Belou
Extemporaneous Speaking - 3rd Place - Mia Macaluso

French II:
Prose - 1st Place - Samantha Ricciardo
Poetry - 3nd Place - Camryn Hoolahan
Extemporaneous Speaking - 2nd Place - Emily Reeks

French III:
Prose - 2nd Place - Jessica Duplantis
Poetry - 2nd Place - Caroline Barbier
Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st Place - Thalia Koutsougeras

French IV:
Prose - 1st Place - Alyssa Trahant
Poetry - 1st Place - Alyssa Fortier
Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st Place - Sydney Smith

French Theater - 1st Place

Music - 3rd Place - Emily Schneider, Rebekah Schexnayder, Jamie Leak

1st Place - Lena Erickson
2nd Place - Éloise Erickson

"Best Overall School in Spanish"

Spanish I:
Prose - 3rd place - Rachel Stone
Poetry - 2nd place - Victoria Mire
Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st place - Brooke Whelan

Spanish II:
Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st place - Cassidy Chappuis

Spanish III:
Prose - 2nd place - Claudia Spring
Extemporaneous Speaking - 1st place - Theresa Falgoust

Spanish IV:
Poetry - 3rd place - Hailey Tant

Spanish Theater: 1st place

Spanish Native Speaker Translation: ( a new category this year)
2nd place - Victoria Stephens
3rd place - Sofía Karle