Computer Science

The mission of information technology at Mount Carmel Academy is to assure that all students and educators will have access to technology and will learn technological skills in the spirit of Catholic excellence to enhance their future lives by focusing on student and staff development that will make our students and educators functional and productive citizens.


The mission of the English department is to enable students to read, comprehend, interpret, and analyze various literary genres and to communicate effectively through both verbal and written means, using correct grammatical and mechanical conventions.




The mission of the Mathematics Department is to train students to think and communicate logically, to develop an understanding of the language of mathematics across the curriculum, to develop the ability to analyze and interpret problems and situations, to apply concepts to real life situations and to prepare for a post high school career.



The mission of the Science Department of Mount Carmel Academy is to provide all students with an experience of scientific procedures and an understanding of life science, the physical world, and the natural laws controlling them. We further seek to assist students in the development of a scientific attitude characterized by honesty, open-mindedness, suspended judgment, self-criticism and commitment to accuracy.




Foreign Language

The mission of the Foreign Language Department is for every student to acquire an understanding of the language she is studying as well as to express herself clearly and effectively in the target language. Our mission is to encourage students to develop a recognition of the universality of human experience and an understanding of the people whose language is studied through insights into their values and behavioral patterns.


Fine Arts

The mission of the Mount Carmel Academy Fine Arts Department is to foster creative expression and an appreciation of God-given gifts through the performing and visual arts.





The mission of the Religion Department is to foster within our students spiritual growth through a personal relationship with Jesus, which is strengthened by academic instruction, deepened by experiences of prayer and sacramental celebration, enriched by Apostolic service, and guided by principles of Catholic morality within the Carmelite tradition of openness to God in all events of life.



Social Studies

The mission of the Social Studies Department is to produce students who will be able to think critically in the modern world. The department encourages its students to be productive citizens, who respect various cultures, and who can apply their knowledge of history, politics, and economics to their everyday lives.






Health & Physical Education

The philosophy of the Health and Physical Education Department is centered on an appreciation of and respect for the human body as created by God. Classes provide an atmosphere focused on enhancing physical, mental, social, and spiritual attributes through meaningful physical activity and teamwork in order to promote life-long movement. It is our hope that students will incorporate health wellness and physical movement/exercise into their daily lives.

Family & Consumer Sciences

The mission of the Mount Carmel Academy Family and Consumer Sciences Department is to educate young women in life skills so that they will be able to function and prosper socially, economically, physically and mentally in their daily lives.





The mission of the Mount Carmel Academy Library is to provide a wide range of print and digital resources to support the schools commitment to a quality Catholic education. The library offers a dynamic, technology rich environment to support 21st century learning and ensures that students and staff "inquire, think critically, and gain thrive in a complex information environment." (Standards for the 21st Century Learner, 2007).

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