Student Support

Guidance Counselors:
  • Guide and inspire students in their relationships with God.
  • Bring students to a knowledge of the truth about themselves.
  • Train students to access NAVIANCE program to explore their gifts, talents, progress and set goals.
  • Speak the truth with love in guiding by confronting and by inspiring.
  • Utilize the latest technology in standardized test preparation, college search, and career exploration.
  • Offer standardized test preparation clsses to sophomores, juniors, and seniors after school.
  • Communicate with parents concerting student programs and development through personal communication with NAVIANCE.
  • Meet with students for group counseling on topics pertinent to the development of adolescents.

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for Elise. You have taken our little girl, educated her, and guided her spiritually during her years at Mount Carmel Academy. Because of your love and devotion, you have helped to make our job as her parents an easier one."

7027 Milne Boulevard
New Orleans, La 70124
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