Innovations in Technology

Mount Carmel Academy prides itself on being a forerunner in integrating technology across the curriculum. Because of the school's continuous efforts, Mount Carmel was awarded an Innovations in Technology Award in 2012 from Today's Catholic Teacher. In 2015, Mount Carmel also earned an Innovations in Catholic Education Award from Today's Catholic Teacher for the faculty learning lab, a designated room designed and equipped to help teachers learn new programs from their peers who have mastered them.

Mount Carmel Academy provides:

  • Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab (16 MakerBot Replicator 3D printers and an engraver/laser cutter)
  • 1:1 Apple MacBook Air program for home and school
  • Canvas Learning Management System for communication
  • Ceiling-mounted projectors, Smart Boards, visualizers in every classroom
  • 340 ipads for special projects
  • 3 iMAC labs with 85 iMACS
  • Electronic probes and computerized motion detectors
  • 30 electronic databases provided in the library
  • Electronic book collection

The collaborative nature of the latest Web 2.0 tools promotes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills as students and teachers create, share, critize and collaborate with one another from remote locations.

Students' experiences reach beyond the world of Microsoft and Apple applications into the world of cloud computing utilizing Google Applications for Education, e-books and interactive online books across the curriculum. Students, teachers and staff have the convenience of personal Gmail accounts, online research tools and technology resources that can be accessed at school and home. In addition, teachers and parents utilize the Canvas Learning Management System to organize their digital workflow. Among other things, it is a portal to access assignments and announcements, to submit digital work, to deliver and receive feedback, and to participate in online discussions and online testing.

Embarking on an unprecedented program of professional learning, Mount Carmel Academy has ensured that its teachers have received diverse training on the effective use of technology in their classrooms. This includes student responds systems, interactive SMART Boards, iPads, computerized electronic probes and computerized motion detectors to support 21st century learning skills. Mount Carmel has also implemented a Faculty Learning Lab for teachers, which is a designated room designed and equipped to help teachers collaborate and learn from faculty members who have mastered various programs. In 2015, the school was one of 14 schools nation-wide awarded the Today's Catholic Teacher Innovations in Catholic Education Award for this Faculty Learning Lab.

We have moved into the 21st century with the careful selection of technology that will engage our teachers and students in interactive learning, critical thinking, and collaborative work. Providing our students with over 2,000 computers on campus gives them the opportunity to utilize a multi-platform network for student engagement.

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New Orleans, La 70124
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