Student Government

Mount Carmel Academy students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through several different levels of Student Government. The Executive Board is made up of juniors and
seniors who the student body has voted as the school leaders: president, vice president, student countil artist, treasurer, and member-at-large chairlady. In addition, each grade level may elect Student Council representativesartists, and members-at-large. Class Board members are also elected to help facilitate class events. 


Student Council

The main purpose of the Student Council is to develop leadership, responsibility and initiative.  The Council represents the entire student body and is responsible for school-wide activities.  Membership is by election.  Student Council members are elected in April.  Artists are selected based on their artistic ability, while members-at-large are chosen by an advisory committee.  All eighth grade elections are held in September.

Class Board

Students are elected to serve as members of the class board. This group is responsible for the planning and execution of all grade-level activities. 

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