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Echoes is Mount Carmel Academy's online newspaper. Echoes' purpose is two-fold: to prepare the student to be an intelligent consumer of news by teaching her the basic writing arts involved in journalism and the proper principles of news story analysis, and to interest the student in journalism or related careers through her involvement in news writing at the high school level.

The staff of Echoes strives for excellence in its online publication of student- and community-related news. Each staff member is trained to report news in an unbiased manner and to editorialize issues of interest to student and adult readers on topics related to school community, civic community, the nation and the world.


Named for the brown stone in the seniors' rings, Sardonyx, Mount Carmel's yearbook, strives to capture as many memories in its pages as the rings do for their owners.  Working toward this goal is the yearbook staff.  The staff consists of editors, section editors, staff members, copy writers, and photographers who work with the moderators to produce, through photographs and words, an accurate and complete record of the year's activities and the students' and faculty's part in them.


Members of the Literary Club produce the bi-annual literary magazine, Perspectives.  The purpose of the Literary Club is to encourage creativity, to help students improve their writing skills and to create an avenue for the publication of art work.

All students are encouraged to submit manuscripts that are both literary and artistic.  The literary staff edits the submissions and does the layout.

The club meets once every other week in the fall and once a week in the spring.

View the Fall 2018 Perspectives.

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