Mount Carmel Academy has over 50 clubs to engage students, from athletics to art and robotics to reading. Service to our community is an integral part of all extra curricular activities at Mount Carmel. Twice a year, the school hosts a club fair for students to get to know the club's goals and its members.

Academic Games

Students from all grade levels compete in the New Orleans Academic Games League to play Presidents, Propaganda, On-Sets, and Equations. Team matches for these social studies and math games are hosted by various high schools in New Orleans in order to promote an increased understanding of these subjects. Individual students may qualify to participate in the Academic Games National Tournament held each spring.

Ambassador Team

An Ambassador is a student who has a genuine love and dedication for Mount Carmel Academy. She is selected to represent Mount Carmel Academy at admission events such as Open House, Application Day, New Student Interviews, Exploration MCA, and New Student Orientation Meetings. Ambassadors also serve as hostesses for special Mount Carmel Academy events. Selection is based on the quality and content of her ambassador essay, personal interview, service to Mount Carmel Academy, and teacher recommendations. The selection process is in April. Approximately 55 juniors and seniors are selected to be ambassadors. Students must try out each year to serve as an Ambassador. These students are expected to act as role models for other students and prospective students.

Ambassador meetings are held at 7:25 a.m. on Tuesday mornings in the Fitzmorris Performing Arts Center. Students selected as Ambassadors are fitted to wear the brown ambassador blazer, which costs an annual $40 rental fee. There is also a $10 pin and bow fee.

The Bellas Club

The hand bell ensemble, Bellas, is open to all students through an audition process held at the beginning of the school year. We will rehearse once a week, with additional rehearsals added as performances approach. The performances will include, but not be limited to, Mass and the semi-annual choir concerts. Additional venues might be scheduled depending on the program’s abilities. The repertoire will be mainly sacred music appropriate for the performance settings. A small fee will be charged at the beginning for materials, music, and equipment maintenance.

Book Club

The Book Club’s mission is to promote reading for pleasure at Mount Carmel Academy. The Book Club usually meets the first Friday of the month in the morning before classes begin. Members discuss the books they are reading for fun. Each month the members vote on a literary genre, such as historical fiction, science fiction, or contemporary fiction. Members recommend titles to each other. They do not all read the same book because they already read and discuss several wonderful titles in some of their subject area classes. Use of the Mount Carmel Academy library is encouraged so that everyone has access to the same materials and no one has to purchase books or make trips to public libraries. Club members assist the library in a variety of activities that encourage reading among the student body and faculty.

Mount Carmel Academy’s book club was one of 15 across the country selected by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) to serve as official book groups for YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten. This is the second time that Mount Carmel has received this honor. The Teens’ Top Ten is a booklist created entirely by and for teens. These 15 groups will nominate books published in a calendar year to create the official Teens’ Top Ten nominations. Then, teen voters across the country cast ballots for their favorites, creating the Teens’ Top Ten.
In addition to creating the official Teens’ Top Ten nominations, the groups also evaluate books for publishers.

Carmelettes Dance Team

The members of the Carmelettes are taught routines and perform at Holy Cross football games and statewide and national competitions, Mardi Gras parades, charitable events, elementary school fairs, and school-related activities. The dance team provides an opportunity for students to display their talents and experience the fun, dedication, and the endurance of working as a unit. The Carmelettes are taught the value of dance, leadership, and character. The girls are led by one captain and five co-captains.

Tryouts are held in late March or early April. First-year members must try out at the end of the season and be selected in order to remain on the team. Practices are held every Monday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Additional practices are held for competition dances. Any extra practice is advertised in advance.

In February 2015, the Carmelettes became National Champions! They are led by Gloria Doran, who has been the moderator for nearly 40 years.

Carmie Zone


Celebration is the liturgical music group of Mount Carmel Academy. Membership consists of singers and instrumentalists and is open to any student or faculty member of Mount Carmel. Auditions are held for opportunities to serve as cantors and soloists.

The purpose of Celebration is to develop self-assurance and leadership qualities in its members through their experiences as leaders of the liturgical music at school-sponsored liturgies and assemblies. Meetings are held every Thursday from 3:30-5 p.m.

Cheerleaders - Competition Squad

The purpose of the Competition Cheerleading Squad is to promote camaraderie and athleticism through team bonding and competition. Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year from 4:30-6 p.m. in the Auxiliary Gym. Additional practices will be added as necessary before attendance at competitions. The team works together to improve their skills and talent as a team.

Competition Cheerleaders participate in the following: Five local and state-wide competitions; Open House; Mount Carmel Academy’s Fall Festival; a service project; pep rally.

Competition Cheerleaders attend a three-day summer camp at Louisiana Tumble and Cheer Athletics. Tryouts for the competition team are held in the spring. Each member must try out every year with the exception of third-year returning members.

Cheerleaders - Game Squad

The Game Cheerleading Squad promotes school spirit and good sportsmanship.

Game Squad practices are Wednesdays throughout the school year from 3:45 -5:30 p.m. Practices are also held for approximately 2½ weeks during the summer.

Game Squad Cheerleaders and Cub Mascots participate in the following: Volleyball and basketball games; Open House; Mount Carmel Academy’s Fall Festival; Pep rallies; Mount Carmel Academy’s Summer Camp; Exploration MCA; Mardi Gras parades (approximately 4); Game Squad Cheerleaders and Cub Mascots attend a three-night cheer camp sponsored by the Universal Cheerleader Association.

Game Squad Cheerleaders and Cub Mascots participate in at least one service project. Tryouts for cheerleaders and mascots are held in the spring. With the exception of fourth year returning members, all members must try out.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to any student who plays chess or who wishes to learn. Students in the Chess Club learn to play one of the oldest strategy board games in human history. Over one thousand years old, chess teaches essential critical thinking skills like evaluation, prediction, and perception, and is played internationally at all levels. Members of the Chess Club will learn essentials of the game and compete in tournaments.


Chorale is a select group of about 30 singers in grades 9th -12th who participate in such activities as All-State and All-District Honors Chorus auditions and the Solo and Ensemble Festival. Chorale performs at the Christmas and Spring Concerts at Mount Carmel, participates in the District and State Large Ensemble Festivals, and performs for various events. Membership is by audition only. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Cubettes Dance Team

The purpose of the Cubettes dance team is to perform at eighth grade sporting events, pep rallies, Open House, school fairs, and other activities; to participate in competitions, and to take part in service projects. Practices are held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:45-5:30 p.m. Some practices may last until 6 p.m. as competitions get closer. Extra practices (on days other than Wednesdays and Fridays) may be called for ensemble/officer practices for competition or Celebration in the Oaks.

Dramatics (STK)

STK are initials for Shinto Torii Kabuki, which means God's Gateway to the Theatre. The Dramatics Club participates in activities of the International Thespian Society and stages dramatic and musical productions. Hands-on experience is gained in all elements of theatre including lighting, costumes, makeup, sound and set design and construction. The girls also participate in fund raising and public relations. On-stage learning incorporates the study of acting through characterization, movement and voice. Opportunities are available to all members to direct, write and choreograph their own productions.

Eco Cub Club

The Eco Cub Club is Mount Carmel Academy's environmental club. The goal of this club is to create awareness and appreciation of the environment, and the need to protect our natural resources by participating in and sponsoring recycling drives and other service projects which benefit our community.

The club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. Members must participate in both the fall and spring can drive, attend 80% of all meetings, and participate in Beach Sweep.

Students may also enter science projects for competition in the local and state science fairs. Only active members are permitted to participate in club field trips. Members must be present at 80% of the meetings and assist with both aluminum can drives, Beach Sweep and Earth Fest to be considered an active member for the school year.


Encore membership is open to eighth and ninth grade students. New members will be accepted for the first two months of each semester. Membership is closed in October for fall semester and February for spring semester.

Performances: Encore is invited to sing at special events such as Catholic Schools Week, Celebration in the Oaks, school liturgies, local festivals and workshops. Members may audition in the fall for LMEA District Junior High Honor Choir.

Requirements: Members must attend rehearsals scheduled on the Encore calendar from 3-5 p.m., participate fully in Honor Choir, if selected, and attend all performances and events. All members participate in the LMEA District Large Ensemble Festival in the spring.


Enigma is another word for puzzle or mystery. The Enigma club helps develop its members logical thinking skills through a variety of activities, including learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube, playing strategy board games and video games, solving other types of mysteries and puzzles. The club has monthly board game days and a trip to a live action Mystery Escape Room Puzzle.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club works to educate our members about entrepreneurship as a possible career direction. The goal of this club is the have our students recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs, develop and evaluate an entrepreneurial idea of their own, and demonstrate business-planning skills for venture start-ups, marketing, financing, management, and ethical decision making. Through club activities, trips, and guest speakers, students will be afforded a hands-on experience with the opportunity to submit their entrepreneurial business idea for a change to win a scholarship where their idea will be developed and marketed with real-world professionals.

Fishing Club

Fishing is a team sport that instills persistence, patients, and a sense of accomplishment. Fishing is open to all students who can swim and have a desire to connect with nature as well as learn about Louisiana’s culture through fishing trips. Fishing empowers young girls and to become independent strong women that our community needs. Fishing is a huge stress reliever. Also, there are many health benefits of fishing, being outside, and being active helps to make you feel better and encourages a healthier way of life.

Criteria for membership are the ability to swim and a love for nature. Louisiana residents (who have been in the state 2 or more years) 16 and under are not required by law to have a fishing license. Members 16+ are required by law to have a fishing license.

Fitness Club

The purpose of The Fitness Club is to provide the students of Mount Carmel with an aerobic workout that is enjoyable physically as well as mentally. Members meet once weekly for workouts that include stretching and toning, low impact aerobic routines and specific muscle group exercises. Members also participate in such worthy causes as "Jump Rope for Heart" and "Walk for the Hungry."


The intramural sports program includes various sport activities throughout the school year. Games and matches will be played during lunch. The objectives are to foster Christian fellowship in a non-academic setting, to encourage physical fitness for all students, and to provide an opportunity for participation in sports. The club supports the American Heart Association with activities held throughout the year. All students are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program.

Journalism (Echoes)

Echoes is Mount Carmel Academy's school online paper. Echoes purpose is two-fold: to prepare the student to be an intelligent consumer of news by teaching her the basic writing arts involved in journalism and the proper principles of news story analysis, and to interest the student in journalism or related careers through her involvement in news writing at the high school level.

The staff of Echoes strives for excellence in its online publication of student- and community-related news. Each staff member is trained to report news in an unbiased manner and to editorialize issues of interest to student and adult readers on topics related to school community, civic community, the nation and the world.

Life Skills Club

The Life Skills Club helps its members to learn basic life skills that are necessary to be successful in life, but are sometimes not formally taught. These skills include: resume writing, job seeking and interviewing skills, check writing, budgeting, basic money investing - including the time value of money and credit card traps - and applying for student loans. Guest speakers as well as hands-on activities help students learn these skills. Each member creates a personal budget at the beginning of the year and strives to keep it balanced throughout the school year. Members meet the second Wednesday of each month after school.

Literary Club

Members of the Literary Club produce the annual literary magazine, Perspectives. The purpose of the Literary Club is to encourage creativity, to help students improve their writing skills and to create an avenue for the publication of art work.

All students are encouraged to submit manuscripts that are both literary and artistic. The literary staff edits the submissions and does the layout.

The major work of the Literary Club is the production of the annual literary magazine, Perspectives.

The club meets once every other week in the fall and once a week in the spring.

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club, through meetings and socials, strives to better understand and embrace different cultures from around the world. As well as developing an interest in other cultures, members will serve as ambassadors of good will.


P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving) provides students the opportunity to fulfill their responsibility to be loving stewards over God’s creatures. Members will provide the necessary services to keep the facility at Animal Rescue New Orleans sanitary and safe and the animals healthy and happy through participating in arts and crafts projects, assisting the shelter in small-scale construction projects, and attending and working local pet adoption events. Meetings: 3:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Prep Quiz Bowl

Prep Quiz Bowl prepares for competition against other schools. The team is not limited to any specific number of members, though only four members may play at any given meet.

The captain and the team players (which may vary from game to game) are selected and designated for game play by the moderator. Members not playing in any given game are expected to participate in other ways as score keeper, recognizer, or encouragers for the team.

Junior Prep Quiz Bowl

The Junior Prep Quiz Bowl is a freshman activity whose goal is to train students for the Varsity Prep Quiz Bowl. The team meets throughout the year preparing for a spring tournament.

Meets against area high schools are one Thursday each month, 3:45-4:30 p.m. Meets against teachers take place on one Thursday each month from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Meetings are held on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Rhythm Dance Team

Rhythm is a dance team which provides an opportunity for Mount Carmel students to express their love and talent for dance. It is also an opportunity for the development of leadership and group dynamics skills.

Rhythm participates in various activities such as Mardi Gras parades, pep rallies, school functions, competitions, and other events.

Rhythm practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m., and may add a third practice day as important performances near.


The mission of this club is to provide students a place to pursue their interest in Robotics by encouraging collaboration and teamwork among members while learning to build and program a functioning robot. The club encourages a competitive nature by participating in competitions around the city. Membership is open to all students. The club will meet with the moderators every other week in the Robotics room to discuss the robot’s progression as well as any new ideas.

Sailing Team

The sailing team is open to all students who are in good physical condition and who pass an agility in sailing skills test. The team competes regionally as well as nationally against other high school teams. Students are taught the basics of competitive sailing techniques. Practices are held at the Southern Yacht Club on Lakeshore Drive.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is an interscholastic academic competition consisting of numerous events involving biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, and technology. Each school is represented by a team of fifteen students who prepare all school year for the spring competitions. Mount Carmel Academy's Science Olympiad team meets regularly in training for the Region I Louisiana tournament.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

The Sci-Fi Fantasy Club is for all students who love science fiction and fantasy and want to share their interests and creative ideas with others. The club hosts various activities including: monthly movie showings, costume contests, role playing, sharing art work and stories, video skits and discussion on books, music, conventions, festivals and movies.

The club meetings are held once a week on Wednesday mornings and are open to all students.

Social Media Club

Social Media Club offers participation in MCA’s Communications team, including the social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Students capture photos of their fellow classmates, with their personal devices, during exciting Mount Carmel events.

Speech Team

The Speech Team offers members the chance to learn the art of clear expression and logical thinking. Members gain interpretative and speaking skills through research and practice.

Members participate in city, state and national tournaments which include prose and poetry reading, dramatic and humorous interpretations.


WMCA is Mount Carmel's closed circuit television station. Activities consist of weekly broadcasts covering school functions and student-related activities as well as video-taping other activities for various clubs.

Participation in WMCA provides you with the opportunity of working as a reporter, camera person, video technician, or anchor person. Most members enjoy working in a variety of positions.

Meetings are held every Thursday after school in the WMCA studio.

Yearbook (Sardonyx)

Named for the brown stone in the seniors' rings, Sardonyx, Mount Carmel's yearbook, strives to capture as many memories in its pages as the rings do for their owners. Working toward this goal is the yearbook staff. The staff consists of editors, section editors, staff members, copy writers, and photographers who work with the moderators to produce, through photographs and words, an accurate and complete record of the year's activities and the students' and faculty's part in them.

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