The Arts

Whether a student is a singer, dancer, writer, or painter, Mount Carmel Academy offers clubs, honor societies, and teams to encourage the self expression of God-given talents in an artistic fasion. Explore our arts program to see what activities capture your imagination!

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts Department, we believe it is most important to teach our students how to see because creating visual art requires an acute ability to study the visual qualities of objects as they appear in different environments. Four different levels of art are offered, allowing students to advance if they so desire.

In an art course, we encourage creative thinking and risk taking in an environment that promotes artistic expression. We incorporate art history into the lessons so that students may understand the significance of their methods. Students are required to keep a portfolio and exhibit works of art in the fall and spring art shows.

Basic artistic forms and techniques are taught in beginning art classes through teacher demonstration and examples. Each level builds on developed skills as students experiment with personal style and emulate the classical styles. In the upper level art classes, students are taught to develop their own artistic style.

Fine Arts Survey is designed to encourage an overall appreciation for visual, theatrical, musical arts and dance. The keystone of these courses is the ongoing investigation of what it means to be human, including the realization of self-potential, the assumption of sound responsibilities, and the capability to make reasonable choices. To these ends, Fine Arts Survey strives to provide students with the opportunity to cultivate those skills and points of view essential to a liberal arts education. Emphasis on the visual arts from the pre-historic era to the present allows students to see interrelationships between culture and creativity. Instruction in historical aspects of music, drama and visual arts affords the opportunity for students to see how creative thought and vision can enhance the ability to learn.

The Fine Arts Survey 8 course, required for all eighth graders, exposes our young students to the world of fine arts with a semester focus on music performance and another semester focus on visual arts (two teachers). We encourage and, in some cases, require students to view and attend opera, operetta, ballets, concerts, musical productions, dramas, art showings/galleries, museums, etc. in order for them to further explore various forms of artistic expression. Through encouraging student exploration in the various arts, we attempt to inspire creativity within them as well as develop an appreciation for contemporary and classic works of art and music. Our goal in this course is to inspire our young 8th graders to enroll in more classes within the Fine Arts Department and develop a love and appreciation for the world of fine arts.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department encourages students to express themselves through singing, dancing, or acting.

TV Production Students in TV production explore all aspects of television production. The underlying principle of taking creative risk is ever present throughout the curriculum. A wide array of opportunities exists both “in front of” and “behind” the camera, including the following hands-on technology: videography, producing, reporting, video editing and anchoring. A major benefit to this instruction is the in-house television broadcast of WMCA, whereby our students experience the challenges of television broadcasting first hand.

Beginning Choir students are exposed to the elements of music theory and a brief overview of musical periods, with an emphasis on the major composers of each era. The primary focus of the course, however, is performance. We teach basic vocal technique and give students the opportunity to perform musical selections of varying styles. Although the majority of the students who take the course will not become professional musicians, it is our hope that they will understand and appreciate excellence in performance and develop a love for music. Chorale students are selected through an audition process and focus on advanced vocal technique, musical skills and performance practices.

Students take great pride in participating in the culminating concert each semester. Many students participate in volunteer or auditioned choral groups that take part in District and State Honor Chorus auditions and Festivals.

Speech I introduces students to the communication process with an emphasis on public speaking as a tool for learning and communicating. The demonstrations of techniques help the student to recognize the cues of verbal and non-verbal communication. Students learn to develop skills of voice production, pronunciation, and articulation. Understanding the communication process helps students to apply their skills to different audiences, purposes, and contexts, enabling them to effectively communicate in real-life situations.

Acting I & II students are taught basic theatre terms and etiquette. Our department aims to offer opportunities for the development of the creative and critical thinking mind through theatrical expression. Our goal is to for students to thrive in artistic, academic, and personal growth. The class is a hands-on project based class where students learn by doing. Through acting exercises, monologues, scene work, and watching professionals, students gain an appreciation and working knowledge of stagecraft. They also learn about the history of theater and common theater practices. Students will have opportunities to work collaboratively, develop time management skills, and become comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. Acting I students work on monologues throughout the semester course including a self-written monologue performance. Acting II students focus on scene work and script analysis. Students are required to attend and critique performing arts events each semester.

Extracurricular Arts

Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs

A large percentage of student interaction with the Fine Arts Department takes place within our area-specific after school activities. Often, students that have discovered an interest or talent in a class will then continue to develop it and interact with other students that are similarly talented in an extra curricular activity.

The music section of the Fine Arts Department has five opportunities outside of course offerings for students to participate in music activities. Through these four groups, all students, regardless of age, grade, or ability can participate in some music if they wish throughout their time at our school.

  • Chorale is an audition-only competitive treble ensemble. It is open to grades 9-12 and participates in various LMEA events, invitation-only festivals, and competitions throughout the year.
  • Encore is a select group of primarily 8th-12th grade singers that sings concert repertoire. It is the hope of the department that many of our younger students begin in this group, and through their participation in this group they may grow in skill, maturity, and ability to eventually transition to Chorale.
  • Celebration is an ensemble open to any student in any grade. Celebration rehearses and performs liturgical music. They sing at various celebrations and events throughout the school year. Occasionally, Celebration receives invitations to minister to the community at events off-campus as well.
  • Tri-M is the National Music Honor Society. This organization is open to any student that has demonstrated musical ability, academic excellence, and character. Students may be inducted at the end of their sophomore year. This club provides an opportunity for instrumentalists to be involved with the school’s music program. They frequently provide instrumental music at choir concerts and other events throughout the year.

TV Production

  • WMCA is the school’s closed-circuit television station. Students in this organization plan, tape, edit, and broadcast a weekly news show for the student body. Students have the opportunity to learn various skills and to try various roles both on-camera and behind the scenes.


  • STK, Shinto Tori Kabuki, is the school’s drama club. They produce two main stage shows per year. In STK, students may audition for and receive roles in productions, as well as work on sets, technical elements, costuming, and managerial aspects of shows. At least one show per year is a musical, requiring students to combine acting, dancing, and singing skills. This organization participates in activities of the International Thespian Society and annually attends the Louisiana Thespian Festival.
  • Carmelettes: Carmelettes are taught routines and perform at Holy Cross football games and statewide and national competitions, Mardi Gras parades, charitable events, elementary school fairs, and school-related activities.
  • Cubettes: Cubettes dance team performs at eighth grade sporting events, pep rallies, Open House, school fairs, and other activities; to participate in competitions, and to take part in service projects.
  • Rhythm: Rhythm provides an opportunity for Mount Carmel students to express their love and talent for dance. It is also an opportunity for the development of leadership and group dynamics skills. Rhythm participates in various activities such as Mardi Gras parades, pep rallies, school functions, competitions, and other events.


  • The Speech and Debate Team is open to any interested student and has regular practices. They compete in tournaments throughout the metro area in various categories, at the Tournament of Champions, and at the annual national competition. The Speech and Debate Team is a member of the Louisiana High School Speech League and the Catholic National Forensics League.

Visual Arts

  • National Art Honor Society is a group recognizing excellence in the visual arts. Students may join this society through an adjudicated process after taking Art I. They must also demonstrate academic excellence and strength in character. They participate in many school service projects, creating artwork for various events. Through membership, students also have the opportunity to participate in various art contests throughout the year.
  • National Junior Art Honor Society provides many of the same opportunities as National Art Honor Society for our younger students. These students also assist the school with artwork for events and projects throughout the year.
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