In Acting I & II students are taught basic theatre terms and etiquette. The class is primarily experiential in design, whereby students primarily learn by doing. Through games, monologues, scene work, and watching professionals, students gain an appreciation and working knowledge of stagecraft. They also learn about the earliest forms of theatre, vaudeville theatre, and Broadway musicals. Students are required to attend and critique performing arts events each semester.

STK is Mount Carmel Academy's dramatics club. STK are initials for "Shinto Torii Kabuki", which means God's Gateway to the Theatre. The Dramatics Club participates in activities of the International Thespian Society and stages dramatic and musical productions. Hands-on experience is gained in all elements of theatre including lighting, costumes, makeup, sound and set design and construction. The girls also participate in fundraising and public relations. On-stage learning incorporates the study of acting through characterization, movement and voice. Opportunities are available to all members to direct, write and choreograph their own productions.

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