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Your time is valuable — to others and to YOU! Make the time you give in service to your community REALLY COUNT!

  • Complete the Reflection Sheet provided by your religion teacher and REALLY THINK about the gifts you have to offer.
  • Decide WHAT TYPE of service would be best for you: Direct Service:  Do you want to come into DIRECT CONTACT with the people you help? Indirect Service:  Will helping others through working "behind the scenes" be meaningful for you? Advocacy:  Do you think it's important to help to educate the public about issues that concern you?
  • Consult the list of approved agencies, or do your own research to find just the right activity for you.  (All groups must uphold the policies and teachings of the Catholic Church.)
  • Find out about the projects planned by MCA clubs and organizations.  (See List at bottom.)
  • Get advice from your counselors, religicn teachers, parents, or your Cubs in Action (C.I.A.) coordinator.
  • Check out the announcements at MCA, in your Sunday church bulletins, or other announcements by local non-profit agencies.


The following MCA-sponsored clubs and activities may help you meet your service requirements:

  • Earth Savers
  • Teens for Life (TFL)
  • Christian Life Community (CLC)
  • Key Club
  • Celebration (other than school Masses)
  • Open House Tour Guides
  • Club Fair
  • Admissions Activities
  • Mission Drive Rep
  • Walk for the Hungry
  • Blood Drive
  • Student Activities

The following activities are NOT acceptable:

  • Private/family/for profit businesses
  • Tutoring of siblings or friends
  • Private physician's offices
  • Private dancing schools
  • Carnival Clubs
  • Politically affiliated groups/activities
  • Babysitting


Make contact with those you wish to help and GET TO WORK!

BUT. . .  Make sure your time counts with MCA, too!

  • If you are in doubt about an activity, consult C.I.A. coordinator BEFORE you begin, and submit your reports COMPLETED and ON TIME!
  • Consult the Student Handbook or the MCA web site for the requirements and regulations concerning your service hours.
  • Complete a report form for every activity you do, or have the director of the program, agency, club or service activity write a letter on official letterhead which includes your full name, grade level, number of hours completed, type of service performed, date of service, and verifying signature.
  • Return the report form to your religion teacher, who will send it to your C.I.A. coordinator.


  1. Summer Reports are due by the Friday after Labor Day.
  2. One-half the service hours required for the year are due by before mid-term exams.
  3. Senior Final Reports are due by March 31.
  4. All other Final Reports are due by April 15.

Reports on school-sponsored events are due no later than 2 weeks after the event.  Non-compliance may result in receiving an "INCOMPLETE" or "F" in Religion. For the second semester, if hours are not completed by the start of final exams, the student will receive an "incomplete" in religion and the student's eligibility to return to Mount Carmel will be in jeopardy.



Make sure your time counts for EVERYONE! Don't lose sight of the reason WHY we are all asked to SERVE!

You are the light of the world.  A city built on a hill cannot be hid.  No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven. Matthew  5:14–16

As you complete your service hours, think about these questions:

  1. Am I making someone's life better? 
  2. Am I changing my own life by serving? 
  3. Am I getting closer to Jesus by serving? 
  4. Am I doing what Jesus would have done?

And when you're asked about your service experience... SHARE!


when you give to your community. . .
You get to. . . 
. . . choose your own way to serve 
. . . meet new people 
. . . learn new skills 
. . . explore new interests 
. . . gain new insight 
. . . add to your resume 
. . . explore career ideas 
. . . feel good about yourself 
. . . change the world in which you live
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