World Geography in the Maker Lab
Posted 12/15/2016 01:02PM

Students from Mrs. Peavey's World Geography recently utilized the new Phyllis M. Taylor Maker Lab to create a 3D map of Central America. Each group printed a specific country. Once the pieces were ready, the students placed their respective countries together to form a complete map. Next semester, they plan to create and print maps of Europe with countries resized based on their population size.

Additionally, in all World Geography classes, the freshmen learned about life in some of the major shantytowns around the world. Small groups were assigned a specific shantytown and by using the Cubs Create Design Thinking, they conducted in-depth research about their assigned shantytown to get a better understanding of the lives of the people, the issues or problems they deal with on a daily basis, as well as propose logical solutions to combat these issues. Each group created a model of their solution. Students were able to use any material to create their solution. Madison Gomez and her group came up with a logical solution and Madison took it a step further by creating a digital 3D model. She used to build her model then printed it in the Phyllis M Taylor Maker Lab.

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