NAHS and Eco Cub Club Make Soap
Posted 04/11/2017 02:16PM

National Art Honor Society and Eco Cub Club members collaborated together to make beautiful and eco-friendly soap. They began their project by discussing palm oil, a common ingredient used in food, cosmetics, and cleaning products. As demand from the food and cosmetic industries increases, more and more palm oil plantations are taking over rainforests. This expansion comes at the expense of endangered species. The club members discussed the importance of responsibly-sourced palm oil and were encouraged to be aware of the ingredients in the products they consume.

The students created their soap using sustainable palm oil. They utilized two methods: cold process and melt and pour. With cold process, the more complicated of the two, students produced a chemical reaction called saponification by mixing lye and oil. They added essential oils and other natural ingredients. The soap was then set aside to cure for 4-6 weeks. Melt and pour is a simpler process. Students melted pre-made blocks of soap and added essential oils and natural exfoliants before pouring the mixture into molds.

The bars of soap will be sold at Brown Linen Night, with all the proceeds benefiting the Gulf Restoration Network and the Lakeview Shepherd Center. The cold process soap will be sold for $5 per bar and the melt and pour soap will be $4 per bar.

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