A Letter from Sister Camille Anne
Posted 05/18/2017 10:33AM

May 18, 2017

Dear Alumnae of Mount Carmel:

In 1926 when Mother Clare built the Mount Carmel Motherhouse there was no structure anywhere near our location. Any building or home constructed in the area knew that there was a school that had purchased four city blocks which would eventually be occupied. The city even allowed Conrad Street to bypass going through our property when the streets were mapped out. The lots I am referring to in the rest of this letter were just open land down Adams Avenue from the Motherhouse of Mount Carmel. The people who have built near the school have been wonderful, caring neighbors to us.

I am reaching out to our Mount Carmel family regarding an urgent and important matter. A representative of the current owners of Station 6, a restaurant on Old Hammond Highway in Bucktown, has recently sent an invitation to neighbors inviting them to a meeting to discuss a new restaurant. The plan involves opening a restaurant at 218 Robert E. Lee Blvd., one block from the school. Their plans for a restaurant would include obtaining a liquor license and serving alcohol.

After prayerful consideration and discussion with our Board of Directors and legal advisors, I am asking you to join me in expressing strong opposition to this proposed restaurant. We are opposed to this plan because bringing an establishment with alcohol service so close to our property presents an incredible danger to our students, their families, our faculty, staff, and even our beautiful campus. Patrons enjoying alcohol and then driving are a substantial hazard. The fact that the proposal would be located between two of the busiest intersections in all of Lakeview adds to our concern.

Under city regulations this establishment would not be allowed within 300 feet of the school. This proposal puts the restaurant just 75 feet beyond that limit, an immaterial difference when over 1,200 girls travel to and from this campus. The proposed parking is so limited that this drunk driving risk will inevitably spill into the neighborhood bringing risks to our neighbors and their property. Our girls and employees are on this campus all hours of every day of the week year round so this risk is not limited to a few days or a certain time. The risk would be real and permanent. If a drunk driver damaged our campus, we could repair it. If such a driver harmed a member of our family, we would suffer from knowing we had not tried our best to stop this development.

Please let your voice be heard. Please contact Councilwoman Susan Guidry at ssguidry@nola.gov, the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association at www.lakeviewcivic.org/contact, and Ms. Nicole Webre-Nass at nicole@webreconsulting.com to express your concern about this proposal. I also ask that you attend the meeting at Station 6 on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 6:00 PM. The address is 105 Hammond Hwy, Metairie, LA 70005.

The Family of Carmel has always held a moral and civic leadership position in the development of Lakeview from its earliest days as a neighborhood to its resurgence since Katrina. Your help is greatly needed. The area has grown so much since 1926 into a wonderful neighborhood, and our school has grown with it. Our greatest concern is the protection of the young ladies who come to us each day. To allow liquor to be served in such close proximity to the school is a danger to the girls and to our neighborhood. Please assist us in changing the outcome of this request and join us in prayer that the owners will be blessed by God with a great location for this endeavor and will abandon the thought and hope for liquor to be served so close to the school. It is time for us to exercise that leadership again. God bless you.

Sister Camille Anne, O. Carm.

7027 Milne Boulevard
New Orleans, La 70124
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