Candle and Wrapping Paper Drive
Posted 09/18/2017 12:26PM

Student Council explains the Candle and Wrapping Paper Drive:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this drive, it is a fundraiser that benefits student activities--including picnics, dances, and other events. Each year, the girls are asked to sell to their families, friends, and neighbors; and they win prizes for their participation.

We would love to have your participation in the drive, as well! If you do not know a MCA student (or even if you do!), you can order online under the Mount Carmel code. To access the MCA page of Yankee Candle, go to, click Start Shopping, and enter our school code (990042729). If you would like to shop on Cherrydale's website, go to, click Shop Cherrydale, and follow the instructions (code: MCANL). You are able to shop all year round, but we would especially love your participation from September 18 through October 2.

If you have any holiday shopping to do, or if you just would like to support our girls, please consider visiting the websites and looking around.

Thanks for your support of our school!

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