World Geography Shantytown Project
Posted 12/07/2017 10:37AM

World Geography classes have been developing solutions for problems that impact impoverished communities around the world. Working together in groups, students researched areas with poorly constructed makeshift housing units, commonly known as shantytowns, and chose one as their focus. Each group determined the most significant problem facing their targeted community and collaborated to find a solution. They created models to help illustrate their ideas, and presented their projects to the class. Examples include creating water filtration systems to help prevent disease, designing environmentally-friendly trash compactors to reduce excess waste, and adding composting toilets in communities without indoor plumbing. The project is in keeping with Mount Carmel's commitment to Catholic social teaching, and touches many important elements including life and dignity of the human person, protection of human rights and responsibilities, aiding the poor and vulnerable, and caring for God's creation.

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