The Green Project
Posted 12/11/2017 09:48AM

Mount Carmel Academy's Art II and Interior Design students visited The Green Project on October 4 to procure reclaimed materials for respective projects. The Green Project, a non–profit organization, salvages building materials and recycles paint to keep them from landfills and waterways while also encouraging the community to creatively repurpose and reuse these recovered resources. Students in both classes were challenged to think about how they could utilize materials from The Green Project in innovative ways. In Art II, the students were taught about the social justice implications of purchasing hand lettered objects from big-box stores, including workers' rights as well as the environmental impact. They then chose an object, designed the lettering based on a quote of their choice, and painted the lettering on their object. Students in the Interior Design class selected an object to be repurposed as a decorative item for a space they had previously designed in class. "The goal was to make our girls aware of inexpensive and eco-friendly resources to create art and home décor," said art teacher Bridget Gillane.

Students utilized a variety of items including windows, cabinet doors, fan blades, scrap tiles, and light fixtures. For many of the objects, students had to prime, sand, or manipulate the surface before they could proceed with the application of paint and hardware. The trip was also a learning experience for both students and teachers who were educated in best practices of disposal of thinners and oil paints that are used in several projects in the school's art department. This brought an awareness to the environmental impact that art and design materials have. In the end, the students learned about The Green Project's mission, design for specific objects, and how they can be responsible consumers as well as good stewards of the earth.

Their work was displayed at the grand opening of the Green Project's new addition as well as MCA's Spotlight on the Arts.

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