Driver's Education

Important Information for 9th and 10th Graders

Student Reminders

Permit at age 15:

Once you are finished the 30 hour class, you will fill out a card for MCA 8 hour instruction.

  • Your card will be placed in alphabetical order by birth date.
  • MCA has 6 drivers certified instructors.
  • You must get paperwork from that instructor prior to driving
  • The fee is 350.00 Made out to MCA
  • If you go elsewhere to driver your 8 hours, you can request your paperwork after the 30 hours classroom and pay a $75.00 processing fee. Three days are needed to process this certificate.
  • As mandated by the State and Title 55, every minor student enrolled in a Driver’s Education class must provide written proof that a domiciliary parent and/or legal guardian has attended a mandatory Sudden Impact meeting BEFORE the student can take the 8-hour permit driving course.

Licensure at age 16: What to do for your Road Skills Test

  • Check your permit - you will need to have your permit for 180 days from the issue date and be 16 before applying for the Road Skills Test.
  • Bring a copy of your permit and birth certificate to a driver’s ed teacher when you are eligible.
  • Your custodial parent with their license needs to come sign paperwork​ prior to making an appointment​--they can come in as a visitor during IS/Lunch to Duplantis Lobby or any day after school in driver’s ed office in Assembly Center for 15 minutes following the bell.
  • After the above is complete, appointments are made to test during student’s lunch.
  • Fee is $30 (check made to MCA or cash)
  • At least 50 hours of permit driving / 15 night time hours and good driving skills.

*Forms may be acquired from Ms. Bean or Mrs. Tilly in the Duplantis gym during both lunches.