Student Organizations


Academic Clubs

Academic Games

Students from all grade levels compete in the New Orleans Academic Games League, which inspires students to become critical thinkers through friendly competition in challenging mathematics and social studies games. Team matches are hosted by various high schools in New Orleans. Individual students may qualify to participate in the Academic Games National Tournament held each spring.

Book Club

The Book Club’s mission is to promote reading for pleasure at Mount Carmel Academy. Members discuss the books they are reading for fun. Each month the members vote on a literary genre, such as historical fiction, science fiction, or contemporary fiction. Members recommend titles to each other. Club members assist the library in a variety of activities that encourage reading among the student body and faculty.

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl prepares students in 8th through 12th grades for competition against other schools in the area. The club hosts its own tournaments for elementary schools and high schools and competes against other high schools in the surrounding area. Tournaments are held on occasional Saturdays throughout the school year.


The mission of this club is to provide students a place to pursue their interest in Robotics by encouraging collaboration and teamwork among members while learning to build and program a functioning robot. The club encourages a competitive nature by participating in competitions around the city. Membership is open to all students.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a competitive academic team where selected sophomores, juniors, and seniors compete in events pertaining to different scientific disciplines. Competition is at both the regional and state levels.  

TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science)

TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science) is a competitive academic team where selected students compete in an annual engineering competition. The competition involves solving problems and engineering creative solutions to present-day issues.

Athletic Clubs

Fishing Club

Fishing is a sport that instills persistence, patients, and a sense of accomplishment. Fishing is open to all students who can swim and have a desire to connect with nature as well as learn about Louisiana’s culture through fishing trips.

Fitness Club

Membership is open to all students who want to enjoy movement while keeping in shape. Members meet once weekly for a workout that includes stretching and toning, low impact aerobics, light weight lifting, and specific group exercises. The goal of the Fitness Club is to promote fitness; however, the emphasis is also on having a good time.

Intramural Sports Program

The intramural sports program includes various sports activities throughout the school year. The objectives are to foster Christian fellowship in a non-academic setting, to encourage physical fitness for all students, and to provide an opportunity for participation in sports. The club supports the American Heart Association with activities held throughout the year. All students are
eligible to participate.

Sailing Club

The advanced/regatta team will compete regionally against other high school teams. Practices are scheduled depending on the availability of the Southern Yacht Club. The Southern Yacht Club will supply 420 class boats for the team to use. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices are provided by MCA.

Fine Arts Clubs

(The) Bellas

The hand bell ensemble will be open to all students through an audition process held at the beginning of the school year. The performances will include, but not be limited to, Mass and the semi-annual choir concerts. Additional ventures might be scheduled depending on the program’s abilities. The repertoire will be mainly sacred music appropriate for the performance settings.


Carmelettes is a dance team that performs at statewide and national competitions, Holy Cross football games, Mardi Gras parades, charitable events, and school-sponsored events.

The Carmelettes dance team provides an opportunity for Mount Carmel Academy students to display their talents and experience the fun, dedication, and endurance of working as a unit. The girls are taught the values of dance, leadership and character. Members are chosen in the spring for the following year’s team. First-year members must try out at the end of their first season and be selected in order to remain a member of the team.


Celebration is a liturgical choir whose purpose is to serve as music ministers for Eucharistic Celebrations and other occasions of worship. Auditions are held for opportunities to serve as cantors and soloists.

Instrumentalists are welcome to join this group. They are expected to practice on their own and be prepared for rehearsals.

Cheerleaders (Game Squad)

The purpose of Game Squad Cheerleaders and Cub Mascots are to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship.

The Game Squad Cheerleaders and Cub Mascots participate in the following activities:

  • Volleyball and basketball games
  • Open House
  • Pep Rallies
  • Elementary/middle school dance workshop
  • Mount Carmel Academy’s Summer Camp
  • Exploration MCA
  • Mardi Gras parades (approximately four)

Cub Mascots participate in Breakfast with St. Nick, the Easter Eggstravaganza, Spring Fling, and St. Michael’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Game Squad Cheerleaders and Mascots participate in at least one service project. Tryouts for cheerleaders and mascots are held in the spring. With the exception of fourth year returning members, all members must try out.

Cheerleaders (Competition)

The purpose of the Competition Cheerleading Squad is to promote camaraderie and athleticism through team bonding and competition. The team works together to improve their skills and talent as a team. They work on one routine and continue to increase the difficulty level of that routine for most of the year. 

Competition Cheerleaders participate in the following: 

  • Five competitions (including Nationals in Orlando, Florida every other year)
  • Open House
  • Service project
  • One pep rally 
  • Summer camp 

Tryouts for the Competition team are held in the spring. Each member must try out every year with the exception of third-year returning members.


Chorale is a select choir compromised of approximately 40 students from grades 9-12. Membership is by audition only. Auditions are made by appointment.

Students may choose to either enroll in the Chorale class (either .5 or 1 credit) or meet for after school rehearsals, which are held from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Students in the class will periodically be required to attend after school rehearsal.

Performances: Chorale performs at music festivals, various community events, and District and State LMEA festivals.

All performances and rehearsals are mandatory.


The purpose of the Cubettes dance team is to perform at eighth grade sporting events, pep rallies, Open House, and other activities; to participate in competitions; and to take part in service projects.


Echoes is a journalism club which publishes regularly on its website,, with a goal to successfully cover important school-related events as well as relevant national and international issues that occur during the academic year at Mount Carmel Academy.

Practical experience in journalism provides a variety of benefits. Learning writing, photography, and news analysis skills prepares students to be intelligent consumers of news. Those skills, along with experience working on the club website, foster student interest in pursuing paid positions at university news publications or in long-term journalism careers.

All members are required to participate in service projects and fundraisers.


Membership is open to all students who enjoy singing. New members will be accepted for the first two months of each semester.

Performances: In addition to the end-of-semester concert, Encore is invited to sing at special events such as Catholic Schools Week, Celebration in the Oaks, and other community events.

Instrumental Ensemble

Instrumental Ensemble is MCA's orchestral group, consisting of string, woodwind, and brass players grades 8-12. Membership is open to all MCA students regardless of skill level. Simultaneous participation in Mount Carmel's instrumental private lesson program is highly encouraged. Ensemble performs at concerts, masses, and miscellaneous school functions such as Open House and Spotlight on the Arts. Repertoire is primarily focused on Baroque, Classical, and Romantic styles, with occasional Pops pieces from movie soundtracks and popular music.


Rhythm is a dance team that performs at statewide and national competitions, Mardi Gras parades, charitable events, and school-sponsored events.

Rhythm is a dance team which provides an opportunity for Mount Carmel Academy students to express their love and talent for dance. Membership also provides an opportunity for the development of leadership and group dynamic skills.

Members are chosen in the spring for the following year’s team. First-year members must try out at the end of their first season and be selected in order to remain a member of the team.

Social Media Club

Social Media Club offers participation in MCA’s Communications team, including the social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Students capture photos of their fellow classmates, with their personal devices, during exciting Mount Carmel events.

Speech and Debate

Students participate in city, state, and national tournaments. Events include poetry/prose interpretation, humorous and dramatic interpretation, duo reading, duet acting, student oratory, declamation, extemporaneous and impromptu speaking, student congress, and debate. Active membership requires participation in a minimum of three tournaments each year, in addition to the national qualifying tournament. Members also gain experience hosting their own tournament once each school year.

Tournaments are held at various schools throughout the city and take place on some Friday evenings as well as all day on Saturday, with an average of one tournament per month between October and March.

Students who wish to better their skills and confidence in public speaking would make excellent members of this team. Participation in the Speech and Debate team on a high school résumé is favorably considered by universities and employers. 

Theatre Club (STK)

Members of the Theatre Club, Shinto Tori Kabuki, which means God's Gateway to the Theatre, study the art of play production. This organization participates in activities of the International Thespian Society and stages dramatic and musical productions. Members gain hands-on experience in set, lighting, costumes, makeup, sound design, and construction. Members study acting through characterization, movement, and voice. Members have opportunities to write, direct, and choreograph their own productions.


WMCA members produce a live broadcast each week using Mount Carmel Academy's state-of-the-art television studio. It is a student led broadcast giving students full access to filming, editing and producing a live show to the entire student body. Students learn real world studio skills.

Service Clubs


An Ambassador is a student who has a genuine love and dedication to Mount Carmel Academy. She is selected to represent Mount Carmel Academy at Admission events such as Open House, Application Day, new student interviews, Exploration MCA, new student orientation meetings and Cub Connection. Ambassadors also serve as hostesses for special Mount Carmel Academy events.

Selection is based upon the quality and content of the applicant’s
questionnaire, service to Mount Carmel Academy and teacher
recommendations. The selection process is in April and approximately 80
Juniors and Seniors are selected. Students must try out each year to serve as
an Ambassador. These students are expected to act as role models for other
students as well as to prospective students.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry provides additional opportunities for students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus by encouraging devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary through prayerful meetings, monthly rosaries on campus, monthly meetings, planning and presenting special prayer services for the student body, and planning and presenting prayer services/retreats for local Catholic elementary schools.

Christian Life Community (CLC)

The CLC is a Christian service learning organization specifically dedicated to teaching students how to serve others by doing the works of social justice. Activities are apostolic in nature and include regular meetings. Projects for service learning include making sandwiches for the homeless, Christmas gift-giving, the annual mission drive, and various other activities serving those in our community who are in need. Hours spent in service may be credited toward requirements for each student’s apostolic hours commitment at Mount Carmel Academy provided the service follows the criteria set by that program.

Key Club

Key Club is a global service organization and is sponsored by Dawnbusters-Kiwanis. The club is designed to promote the growth of each member through community involvement and service to the home, school, and community. Hours spent in service may be credited towards requirements for each student's apostolic hour commitment at Mount Carmel Academy provided the service is an approved apostolic hours activity. In order to be inducted into this club, the member must complete approximately 22 service hours and 10 donation requirements at least one week before the induction ceremony.

Mount Carmel Cubs Against Destructive Decisions (MCCADD)

MCCAD is dedicated to promoting a drug-free environment in and out of school, to increasing the awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drug use, and to encourage every student to have a positive self image. MCCADD is an officially registered chapter of SADD and is aligned with the SADD mission: “To provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, and other destructive decisions.”

MCCADD is responsible for planning and implementing Red Ribbon Week activities at Mont Carmel Academy. MCCADD also plans activities for MCCADD week in the second semester.

MCCADD’s Service Learning Project is MCCADD-on-Wheels, which involves student-led teams of MCCADD members visiting elementary and middle schools in the New Orleans area and providing an informative program that includes skits, music, informational speeches, and PowerPoint presentations of facts, statistics, and personal testimony for the younger students on a variety of topics, such as self-image/self-esteem, handling “peer pressure,” and the dangers of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, bullying/cyberbullying, and youth violence.

MCCADD members learn how to work as a team and to speak in public. Many of our members will become lifelong advocates for positive behaviors. Through their work with MCCADD-on-Wheels, students learn the importance of taking a stand against negative influences, the need to share the message with others, and the importance of working as a team to create positive change.

Service Club - 8th Grade

8th Graders Volunteering

The eighth grade Service Club’s mission is to offer the opportunity for students to become involved with Cub Corner, the onsite pre-school. Students will serve as teacher aides by entertaining children after school each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. This will help teach the students responsibility and confidence while serving people of all ages.

Teens for Life (TFL)

This club supports and protects the dignity of all human life. Members embrace a deeper desire to advocate and promote the dignity of their womanhood as they work to create a revolution of purity. Prayer is an essential part of this club. Rosaries are said every 2nd and 4th Tuesday during lunch. Members may also have the opportunity to attend the March for Life Pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. at their own expense in January and/or participate in the annual prom fashion show.

Special Interest Clubs

Chess Club

Students in the chess club learn to play one of the oldest strategy board games in human history. Chess teaches essential critical thinking skills like evaluation, planning, and logic. Members of the Chess Club will learn essentials of the game and will be given the opportunity to compete in tournaments. No previous experience or knowledge is required. Rules and basics, up through expert-level strategies, will be taught.

Eco Cubs Club

The members of Eco Cubs are dedicated to protecting the health of our earth and all its inhabitants. We consider the gift of creation a gift from God and take seriously our responsibility to care for and cultivate it. This is why the goal of our club is to create a culture of stewardship in our school and surrounding community. Among the many ways we do this are by sponsoring recycling drives, informing ourselves of environmental issues, participating in community service projects, educating elementary school children, and encouraging lifestyles of simplicity that help ensure our natural resources are bountiful for all. 


Enigma is another word for puzzle or mystery. The Enigma club helps develop its members logical thinking skills through a variety of activities, including learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube, playing strategy board games and video games, solving other types of mysteries and puzzles. The club has board game days monthly and a trip to a live-action Mystery Escape Room Puzzle each semester.

Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program works to educate our students about entrepreneurship as a possible career direction. The goal of this program is to have students recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs, develop and evaluate an entrepreneurial idea of their own, and demonstrate business-planning skills for venture start-ups, marketing, financing, management, and ethical decision-making. Through program activities, trips and guest speakers, students will be afforded a hands-on experience with the opportunity to submit their entrepreneurial business ideas for a chance to win a scholarship.

Junior Achievement

The Junior Achievement program educates students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.  Participation in the program helps prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it, how to create jobs, which make their communities more robust, and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace.  Students put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to their communities.

Multicultural Club

The purpose of the club is to better understand and embrace different cultures from around the world and within our city through social events and community activities. Members will help coordinate and plan for Multicultural Week, be able to participate in the Racial Harmony Mass, participate in the Martin Luther King Day of Service, be eligible to participate in the Unity through Understanding Workshop, participate in Unity Day, and participate in other community events that promote leadership and unity.

P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving)

P.A.W.S. provides students the opportunity to fulfill their responsibility to be loving stewards over God's creatures. Members will provide the necessary services to keep the facility at Animal Rescue of New Orleans sanitary and safe and the animals healthy and happy through participating in projects that assist the shelter, including pet adoption events.

Science Fiction Fantasy Club

The Science Fiction Fantasy Club is for all students who love science fiction and fantasy to share their interests and creative ideas with others. The club hosts various activities including monthly movie showings, costume contests, festivals, and movies. Movie nights are once a month on Friday after school.

Spirit Club

The Spirit Club provides students an opportunity to support the school and to learn the joy of sharing in all Mount Carmel Academy activities. During the year, Spirit Sparklers from each club maintain attendance records at various Mount Carmel Academy functions and award spirit stars to the grade level and/or club with the best attendance.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies

French National Honor Society

The French National Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes students who have outstanding ability in French. The society sponsors activities to further the students’ knowledge of French and cultures of countries where French is a major language. Members are available as tutors for other French students.

Students are selected for membership at the completion of French II. To be eligible a student must have at least an A- average (B- honors) for all French courses, at least a 3.5 overall grade point average, and must take French III Honors in the following school year. 

Latin National Honor Society

The Latin National Honor Society recognizes those students who show continued academic excellence in the first two years of Latin and have at least a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75 and a B- average in both classes taken. Once admitted, students must maintain a 3.75 cumulative GPA in order to remain a member. Taking Latin as an elective is not a requirement for membership.

Members promote passion for not only the Latin language, but also for all cultural aspects often associated with Latin. They display their enthusiasm through a variety of activities throughout the year, including “Latin Week,” an opportunity for members to share their passion for the classical world with the school community. As members of the Junior Classical League (gained upon membership to the Latin National Honor Society), members are invited to attend the Louisiana Junior Classical League Convention in Baton Rouge during the spring. Members also serve their peers and the community through various projects throughout the year.

Mu Alpha Theta

The Mount Carmel chapter of Mu Alpha Theta is a select organization for sophomores, juniors and seniors maintaining high scholarship levels in math, possessing good character, and rendering service. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in mathematics and compete at the city and state levels. Students must apply for membership each year. The application process begins in the
first quarter of the fall semester. Acceptance into the honor society is contingent upon the following:

  • The student has completed Algebra I and Geometry
  • The student has earned an A or B as a final average in honors math courses
  • The student has earned an A as a final average in regular math courses
  • The student has a cumulative 3.50 GPA. 

National Honor Society

The Mount Carmel chapter of the National Honor Society is a select organization for sophomores, juniors, and seniors possessing good character, maintaining high scholarship levels, displaying leadership ability, and rendering service. 

The academic requirement for admission is a 3.75 cumulative grade point average. Beginning in the tenth grade, students must take two full credit honors courses every year they attend Mount Carmel Academy in order to be admitted and to remain in good standing. Students are only admitted in tenth or eleventh grade. All sophomores and juniors interested in applying  for admission to the National Honor Society must attend an informational meeting in September, when all admission requirements and procedures will be explained.

Once inducted, members must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher. 

National Junior Art Honor Society

The purpose of the National Junior Art Honor Society is to recognize those eighth and ninth graders who have shown outstanding ability in art and to foster excellence and dedication in the pursuit of art though service. National Junior Art Honor Society hopes to further the creative abilities and talents of its members. The chapter’s highest goal is to provide service to the school and the community by utilizing the students’ artistic talents. Selection for membership is based upon a tryout poster. Club activities include participation in art contests, fundraisers, and service projects for the community.

National Art Honor Society

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art and to foster excellence and dedication in the pursuit of art. NAHS hopes to further the creative abilities and talents of its members as well as Mount Carmel Academy's entire student art enrollment. The chapter's highest goal is to provide service to the school and community utilizing the students' artistic talents. Selection for membership is based upon art scholarship, service, character, and portfolio review.  The student must have at least a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average.  Club activities include art contest entries and participation in the fall and spring art exhibits. Students are encouraged to enter their artwork in various contests.  

Spanish National Honor Society

Spanish National Honor Society is a national organization which recognizes students who have outstanding ability in Spanish. The purpose is to sponsor activities that further the student’s knowledge of Spanish cultures and countries and to encourage participation in Hispanic community activities. Students must have an overall GPA of 3.75 and must enroll in Spanish IV Honors. 

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Members of Tri-M are in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Membership in this honor society is by invitation only.  Requirements for membership include demonstrated musical ability (vocal - Chorale/Celebration/Encore; instrumental - demonstrated ability), scholarship (maintain minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 -1st quarter, 1st semester, 3rd quarter, final), selfless service, and character. 

Students with instrumental talents frequently serve the school by providing music at school events and assemblies. Members also participate in music-oriented service projects and activities.

International Thespian Society

Student Publications

Student Publications

Echoes of Carmel

Echoes is Mount Carmel Academy's online newspaper. Echoes' purpose is two-fold: to prepare the student to be an intelligent consumer of news by teaching her the basic writing arts involved in journalism and the proper principles of news story analysis, and to interest the student in journalism or related careers through her involvement in news writing at the high school level.

The staff of Echoes strives for excellence in its online publication of student- and community-related news. Each staff member is trained to report news in an unbiased manner and to editorialize issues of interest to student and adult readers on topics related to school community, civic community, the nation and the world.

Literary Online: Perspectives

Literary Online is responsible for compiling and editing Mount Carmel Academy's online literary publication Perspectives.  Literary Online organizes a fall writing contest and a spring writing contest to solicit student work, which may include poetry, prose, photography, or art. The members of the club are encouraged to submit their own works.  Members also learn to edit submissions from the student body and contribute to the design of Perspectives.

Read Perspectives


Sardonyx Cover for 2017-18

Sardonyx, named for the stone in the senior ring, is the school yearbook and is published yearly to serve as a permanent, historical record of the school year, its events, and its people.

Students are involved in all stages of the journalistic process, from covering events to designing and laying out pages. Adobe Creative Cloud is used by students in production and publication. 

To gain membership in the club, students must submit an application and work sample.

Student Government

Student Council and Class Board

Mount Carmel Academy students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through several different levels of Student Government.

Student Council represents the entire student body and is responsible for school- wide activities. The members may represent the school at various church and civic events. Student Council consists of Homeroom Representatives, Artists, and Members-at-Large from each grade level and an Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of juniors and seniors who the student body has voted as the school leaders: president, vice president, student council artist, treasurer, and member-at-large chairlady.

Class Board is responsible for the planning and execution of all grade level activities. The Board consists of the Class President and a Board member from each homeroom.

Elections for Student Government are held in April for the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen and in June during Cub Connection for the eighth grade. Artists are selected based on their artistic ability, while members-at-large are chosen by an advisory committee.

WMCA - Student News

Every week, students produce a newscast live from Mount Carmel's own WMCA studio. They work together in this state-of-the-art television studio - using digital cameras, teleprompters, video, switchers, audio boards, and a green screen - to share what's been happening around campus. 

More ways to get involved

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