Class Mascots

Panther, Ragdoll, or Butterfly?
Every MCA student is a Cub, but each class also has another special identity: Pink Panthers, Butterflies, or Ragdolls.

Spirit Week
Spirit Week is a unique experience that must be seen to be believed. Imagine a sea of students, all dressed in identical costumes, gathered in a circle around a referee stand. On top of the stand is an elaborately costumed class mascot, who leads the students through a series of synchronized cheers. The cheers are loud, the students are enthusiastic, and the energy is electric.

The class that exhibits the most well-rehearsed, creative, and spirited performance is crowned the winner of Spirit Day. However, they have to wait to find out who won. The coveted honor is not announced until Gym Day in the spring semester.

When you feel the Spirit of Carmel, you feel like you belong and that you are exactly where you need to be. - Emily, Class of 2024

Gym Day
Just before Mardi Gras, every grade level unites for Gym Day. This highly-anticipated event is the culmination of weeks of planning and practice. An undeniable sense of sisterhood can be felt in each class as they compete in six areas: Skit, Song, Stands, Banner, Volleyball, and Cheerleader/Mascot. Faculty Follies, a series of short games teachers compete in on behalf of their respective grade levels, brings comic relief to the competitive and energetic event. At the end of Gym Day, students also find out who won the most sought-after award – the winner of Spirit Day.

When I think about the Spirit of Carmel, I think of Spirit Day. Getting to stand in a close circle and cheer with your best friends and sisters is an amazing experience. – Eva, Class of 2024

Passing of the Colors

At the end of school year, the senior class passes down their mascot and colors to the freshmen, their little sister class. Emotional seniors present their teary-eyed little sisters with various items symbolizing their class mascot. (During the eighth grade and ninth grade year, classes choose a temporary mascot.)

What would you be?

2024 Panthers
2025 Ragdolls
2026 Butterflies
2027 Panthers
2028 Ragdolls
2029 Butterflies
2030 Panthers
2031 Ragdolls
2032 Butterflies
2033 Panthers
2034 Ragdolls
2035 Butterflies